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 I fell in love with a small white dog with tan spots at a horse show in 1989.

Mission Statement for Castlereigh Jack Russell’s

I have loved this breed from the first moment I saw a young female jumping on everyone at a horse show back in 1989. I fell head over heals in love with this breed, and finally, after searching for months, was able to find a female puppy in 1990. Years later, I found out about joining the JRTCA, and the local club for enthusiasts, the South Coast Jack Russell Terrier Club.
I began going to the Trials, as the shows for Jack Russell’s are called, and got interested in many of the venues offered at those trials. I learned how to race my dogs, do Go To Ground, and finally got interested in watching, and finally participating in Conformation showing. I enjoyed that, and, since I could no longer chase dogs down to the finish line in racing, it seemed like a fun compromise. So, I began to purchase show quality dogs, and then began to breed them.

Hereford Hills Rexford

At a point some years ago, I bought a male puppy from Cris Bolser of Canis Major Kennels, to tone the temperaments down in my show lines. His name is Hereford Hills Rexford. Rex means King in Europe, and he was the king of my kennel, having been retired a few years ago now.
Several of my dogs are daughters or granddaughters of his, and do reflect his gentle temperament, and excellent conformation.
Another breeder whose dogs were recently added to my kennel is British Grit. I thank them for letting me take some of their dogs and put them into my bloodlines. They breed dogs very close to their English roots, and I wanted to add that to my lines here. They are feisty little guys, true to their heritage but cross well with my Rex daughters and granddaughters.
I have also recently bought the blue ribbon winning House O’Jacks Fox and am getting wonderful puppies from him. House O’Jacks breeds show dogs with great dispositions, with most of the dogs in their pedigrees descending from National Trial winners. They are very beautiful dogs!


My goals in breeding Jack Russell Terriers

What I look for in a dog is disposition, with a hunting instinct, to keep the goals of the breed, good balance, type, a strong head, and good angulation. I also love a good TV buddy, who will sit and watch my TV shows with me. I have been working to incorporate these characteristics into my bloodlines since I got interested in conformation showing.

Registering my dogs with the Jack Russell Terrier Club of America screens out many inheritable or genetic problems as stock with these recognized problems won’t be able to be Registered with the JRTCA.

Also, I have recently begun doing DNA testing in my breeding dogs for PLL, Primary Lens Luxation, which is a very painful disease in Jack Russells when they are a little older, and sometimes requires the removal of an eye in extreme cases. With testing, breeding affected dogs can be avoided by never breeding two carriers. I have also begun testing for DM, or Degenerative Myelopathy, a disease that can cause terriers affected by it to lose the ability to use their back legs, which can also result in costly vet bills. You can get a puppy for less money now, but it would cost you much much more later on if they get one of these genetic diseases. Always ask if the parents of the puppy you get have been tested.


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