Jack Russell Terriers for Adoption

I just got back a really cute, and very active little, (under 12.5 inches) male JRT. He is up for adoption, due to job requirements of the old owner, but has some of his own requirements. He needs a good sized dog proof yard, and plenty of family time. He also should be neutered, as I think that will help with his high energy level. A breeding contract can be issued, but with certain requirements. He is also used to living in the house, and sleeping with the owner. He is a good boy, a bit headstrong as you might expect, and I think needs a firm hand to work with him. He is also pretty handsome, as you would expect from a Cowboy son. His mom is Tazz. He is a true black and white.

















Let me know if you want more pix of this cute little guy!







I am also rather reluctantly offering my stud dog, British Grit Prince William, up for adoption. He is a real sweetie, loving to run, and is very fast for those who are looking for a racing dog. He does need to be on a diet of raw food, as he just does so much better on that diet, and needs to be outside a lot. He is very active, but not real hyper. A family with children would be just great. He is registered, tested negative for PLL and DM, and can be sold as a breeding dog. I would love to have a racing person get him. He is FAST!